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1st Birthday

$ 19.00

SKU: DBM06-0003
My 1st Birthday! Let's celebrate with treats, toys, treats, and then more treats. Wait, I'm a dog, so this is actually my 7th birthday. Oh well, I'm still a toddler, I mean puppy, and I love this excitement. Any excuse for more TREATS!

Canine Cupcake

$ 19.00

SKU: DBM06-0002
Humans have a huge sweet tooth. So do I, but here's my idea of the best cupcake: apple, bacon, cheese, chicken, hot dog cake topped with a swirl of peanut butter icing and a dog biscuit. Makes me drool to imagine.

Happy Birthday

$ 19.00

SKU: DBM06-0001
Another year older. No wait, I'm a dog so that's seven years older! And you thought your birthdays were depressing! More grey hairs in my muzzle, but I'm still a pup at heart. I'll blow out my bone candle and wish for another lucky 7.

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