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dog and owner with collar and bracelet on

You may not realize that we dogs are thinking all the time. Oh sure, our canine brains are buzzing. One afternoon, while I was trotting along at the end of my leash, sniffing the latest news, I had a brilliant idea.

What if I could help you see the world through MY eyes? What if I could describe all of the fun things we do together from my own wiggly doggie perspective? Wouldn't that be GREAT?

And I DO live a charmed life. So why not capture all of our shared activities, feelings, love, humor, and moments together in beautiful beads and charms?  From my four-legged viewpoint. The idea was so clever, if I may say so, that it stopped me in my tracks.

That's the Bella & Beau story. My story. Our story. Every design lovingly crafted with my doggie devotion, my unique sense of puppy humor, my excited wiggly joy for life, my unconditional love for you. Every piece says, “Remember when we did THIS together?”

Of course then we needed a beautiful leather collar to hold our collected memories. And since we "Bellas" and "Beaus" come in all shapes, sizes, breeds, and personalities, we needed to offer plenty of variety. And then we needed a bracelet for you too. Oh my, the ideas kept coming faster than I can chase rabbits.

But here it is for you to enjoy! Browse and sniff at your leisure. Admire the beauty and detail of the charms. Laugh or tear-up at my doggie stories. Savor the moments we've shared together and collect your favorites.

While you're shopping, I think I'll take a nap. On your bed. No, at your feet; I like to be close to you. You can scratch my ears if you have a free hand. Yeah, I do live a charmed life.