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Bali Flower

$ 19.00

SKU: DBM50-0002
The Bali Flower or Plumeria is a genus of the Dogbane family. Balinese Hindus use these flowers as temple offerings or in making incense. Speaking as a canine, if these flowers are in the dog family, I'd prefer offerings of something edible.

Buttercup Lattice

$ 15.00

SKU: DBM50-0010
"Build me up, Buttercup; don't break my heart" sang The Foundations. As your beloved pet, that's my job every doggone day! I'm a pro at joy building. Don't you wish you could just roll in a field of Buttercups like me?

Linked Petals

$ 19.00

SKU: DBM50-0007
Connected. Intertwined. Linked. Family. Many things are interdependent in Nature. The flowers need bees to pollinate them. We dogs need you and you need us. Yeah, we're family. So move over a little more. You're hogging the bed.

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