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"The Good Life" Starter Collection (Bracelet)

$ 55.00

Humans like to say "Live, Laugh, Love." I guess you don't do enough of each. But we dogs know the true fulfillment of the good life : "Eat, Sleep, Poop." What else is there? Okay, maybe play. But we got the top priorities. You can wear our shared memories too! Get this collection to match me or just get this to remember me throughout your day. Charms Included: The Good Life; Kibble Time; Home Sweet Home Made with genuine leather and stainless steel clasps. (DBM40-0011, DBM40-0024, DBM40-0010, HAT30)

Drinks On Me

$ 15.00

SKU: DCM40-0048
Dive in, the drinks are on me! I've tried many libations from many vessels; but the cocktail in this porcelain bowl is very refreshing. Tangy yet smooth, with notes that inger on the tonguge. This drink goes straight to my head.