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Dog Whistle

$ 15.00

SKU: DCM40-0004
Humans can only hear up to 20 kHz. But I can hear in the ultrasonic range up to 45 kHz (a cat can reach 64 kHz). This whistle may sound silent to you, but it's loud to me. Make you worried? Maybe I can hear your thoughts too.

Timeless Love

$ 15.00

SKU: DBM45-0003
This is my favorite toy. I've chewed him and pawed him and loved him since I was a pup. He comforts me and loves me too. Okay, so he's missing a few parts; but the more tattered he is, the more years of love I've given him.

Peanut Butter Puzzle

$ 15.00

SKU: DBM40-0027
This toy keeps me busy for hours. The outside is rubbery, bouncy, and chewy. My human fills the toy's hollow inside with sweet, sticky peanut butter which I try to reach with my tongue. I'm clever enough to lick this challenge!

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