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"The Good Life" Starter Collection (Collar)

$ 100.00

Humans like to say "Live, Laugh, Love." I guess you don't do enough of each. But we dogs know the true fulfillment of the good life : "Eat, Sleep, Poop." What else is there? Okay, maybe play. But we got the top priorities. Pups vary in breed, so these fine collars come in various sizes and colors. Each collar is crafted from comfortable quality leather. Charms Include: The Good Life; Kibble Time; Home Sweet Home; High Value Treat Not sure what size collar your pup needs? Here is some sizing help! The size range listed represents the minimum to maximum circumference range. 12" Collar • 8 - 10.5" (20 - 26.5 cm)14" Collar • 9.75 - 12" (25 - 30.5 cm)16" Collar • 11 - 14" (28 - 35.5 cm)18" Collar • 13.25 - 16" (33.5 - 40.5 cm)20" Collar • 14.5 - 18" (37 - 45.5 cm)22" Collar • 16 - 19.5" (40.5 - 49.5 cm) (DBM40-0011, DBM40-0024, DBM40-0010, DCM12-0004, DRT)

Canine Crusader

$ 15.00

SKU: DCM40-0049
Holy Kibble! It's the Canine Crusader! With his famous utility belt and bonarang, our hero guards the sleeping city at night from villians such as Catwoman. By day, he plays the fool to protect his secret identity. Um, please fill my Bat bowl.


$ 15.00

SKU: DCM40-0037
Faster than a speeding bullet; able to leap tall sofas in a single bound. It's a plane, it's a bird, no it's Superdog! I will keep you safe, my human friends. The laws of your planet do not apply to me. I have a super sniffer! Up, up, and away!

Therapy Dog

$ 19.00

SKU: DCM40-0032
Therapy dogs bring comfort and joy to hospitals, nursing homes, and disasters. But I'm YOUR therapy dog. I sense your moods and prescribe wet kisses, hugs, and an extra dose of ME! Relax on my couch. The doctor is in.