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Peace Love Rescue, Tan (Leather), 7" with 1.25" Extender

$ 29.00

SKU: X004
"My humans wanted to save the world. They succeeded. They saved my world. My doggie life now is rich with love, good health, contentment and kindness. They made the planet a better place. Hey, let's start a rescue revolution!" Remember your dog throughout the day with this bracelet for and show off the special bond you two have. It's also the perfect gift for dog lovers, dog moms,  special occasions or as a dog memorial gift. The bracelet is adjustable from 7”-8.25” and made using genuine leather and stainless-steel clasps.

Rescued And Loved

$ 15.00

SKU: DCM25-0004
I live a charmed life indeed, especially as a rescue dog. I shudder to imagine the alternative. That's why this charm has the Bella & Beau heart in the center. Because "rescued and loved" are their mission and my salvation.