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Fluttering Wings

$ 19.00

SKU: DBM50-0012
"Did you ever know you're my hero?... You are the wind beneath my wings". As a dog, I know the truth of that song. You are indeed my hero and everything I would like to be. And when you toss my ball or Frisbee, I can truly fly.

Butterfly Shimmer

$ 19.00

SKU: DBM50-0011
Butterflies can't see how beautiful they are to others. People are often like that. Maybe we dogs are too. Butterflies are also a transformation from a caterpillar. So next time I chew your favorite shoe, remember I'm a work in progress.

Butterfly Kisses

$ 19.00

SKU: DBM02-0006
When humans flutter their eyelashes against someone's skin, they call that tickling sensation "Butterfly Kisses". Too subtle for us dogs. I like to kiss with lots of tongue. All over your face. I can't control my licker.

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