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Linked Petals

$ 19.00

SKU: DBM50-0007
Connected. Intertwined. Linked. Family. Many things are interdependent in Nature. The flowers need bees to pollinate them. We dogs need you and you need us. Yeah, we're family. So move over a little more. You're hogging the bed.

Trinity Filigree

$ 19.00

SKU: DBM50-0006
The number 3 is significant in math and religion. For me, as a dog, it's a goal to achieve. Most humans feed their dogs twice a day: morning and evening. I'm shootin' for mealtime number three! And that's not counting snacks, OK?

Henna Filigree

$ 15.00

SKU: DBM50-0005
Henna dye patterns have been used for centuries to celebrate weddings, births, victories, holidays, good luck or blessing. Humans even decorated their favorite animals with henna. This henna bead is for your dog. I'm your favorite, right?

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