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My True Love, Black (Leather), 7" with 1.25" Extender

$ 34.00

"I love you unconditionally with all my heart. But, truth be told, if you could look deep into the very core of my sweet doggie heart, you'd find my True Love. Yes, food. I'm sorry, but I'd trade my grandma for a biscuit." Remember your dog throughout the day with this bracelet for and show off the special bond you two have. It's also the perfect gift for dog lovers, dog moms,  special occasions or as a dog memorial gift. The bracelet is adjustable from 7”-8.25” and made using genuine leather and stainless-steel clasps.  

My Better Half

$ 19.00

SKU: DBM10-0014
Humans call their mates "My better half' though the phrase originally referred to a best friend; someone who is more than half one's heart. DOGS are mankind's best friend, so we must be each other's best half, right? I'm the dazzling side.

Skipping Hearts

$ 19.00

SKU: DBM02-0003
This is what my heart does when I hear your voice or footsteps. Skips a beat! And my heart flips and flops with joy in every direction. My body does too. You're just a jolt of happiness!

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